ACTIVPAV products are realized with iActive concrete that guarantees anti-pollution, anti-bacteria and anti-mould features. Through the sunlight these products have the capacity to activate chemical reactions that cause the development of highly oxidizing reagents that can decompose both organic and inorganic toxic substances of the atmosphere. A surface realized with a photo-catalytic product remains always clean thanks to the already mentioned photo-catalytic activity that contrasts the dirt of the surfaces caused by the deposits of the pigmented organic compounds such as flue gas from cars, polluting agents from industrial and domestic activities, moulds, etc. …

With the sunlight the photo-catalyser agents of the iActive range, speed up the oxidation reactions of the pollutants that touch the surface. The photo-catalytic action does not modify
the type of the inorganic products obtained (nitrates, sulphates and carbonates) but it only
accelerates the transformation of the polluting agents by reducing the concentration of the same in the atmosphere. Being active in the decomposition of the aromatic substances and the ones containing sulphur and nitrogen, the ACTIVPAV principle operates also as purifi er of the smell. Photo-catalysis means a natural phenomenon in which a substance, known as catalyser, through the light (natural or produced by special induction lamps) modifi es the speed of a chemical reaction. Therefore, the photo-catalysis only accelerates those chemical process of oxidation that in nature would have taken place anyway, but to a lower speed,
allowing the rapid decomposition of the pollutant agents.


FILTROPAV line is an ecological idea certified and transformed into something real. By applying new solutions studied to allow the paving to be drained, such as regular surface and great resistance to the use, the 100% permeability has been achieved, thanks to the water filtering that is possible through a special concreate mixture of which the self -locking block is made. New technologies have allowed to preserve the different finishes that characterize MAER production. Research and passion have been the base to reach such results.

In Italy, many regional or council regulations define a minimum percentage of drain area into the built lot, generally the 20%. However, not existing a legislation that indicates a proof method defining the grade of permeability of the different type of paving, it is generally considered permeable at 100% the natural ground sown as lawn and in minor percentage the different type of paving. MAER did its permeability proofs in laboratory and compared the results obtained from a lawn cultivated surface with the one of the FILTROPAV blocks. From this comparison it has been demonstrated that FILTROPAV blocks, such as the other drain MAER products, have a permeability equivalent to the lawn and therefore can be considered 100% permeable. In addition to the internal lab proofs, MAER has obtained a reward also from external institutions, receiving a guaranteed certification of permeability for the FILTROPAV products.


The SUPERIOR collection combines artisanal expertise in the processing of materials with the most advanced technological innovations for a top quality result. Expertly embellished with marble and fine granulates, this line offers excellent performance and unparalleled visual appeal. Consisting of two layers and enhanced with fine powders, the pavement takes on natural hues and iridescent nuances depending on how the sun hits it, for impeccable chromatic effects that sparkle and gleam, recreating the unique characteristics of natural stone.
SUPERIOR pavers are the result of painstaking research to ensure beautiful, state-of-the-art, high-performance applications. Their one-of-a-kind texture recreates the effect of natural cracks in the stone, reminiscent of the flagstones found in historic city centres, for a look that is both timeless and contemporary.
Enhanced with the Natura, History and Roccia finishes, SUPERIOR exalts the most particular expressive designs, bringing rarity and uniqueness to any space.


PREMIUM line is the result of the most advanced researches, a line used for the outward finishing layer made of natural material such as cobbles, basalt, granite and other rocks that thanks to their natural colours do not need artificial colorants. The mixture, wisely worked, has a high aesthetical value that remains unaltered through the years. These are high level products, aimed to enhance every contest and particularly appropriated for architectural high-end locations with a great significant value.
Thanks to the different finishing, the combined elements result more evident, enchanting the characteristics of the natural stones. The technical performances are at their top of the category and are comparable to those of the natural stones.


The wide variety of shapes and colours makes TECNO range extremely versatile, functional and conforming to every requirement of the external paving. The predominant presence of quartz gives to the finish a major endurance to the use while maintaining over the time its anti-slip surface by ensuring a better brightness of the colours.


Traditional shapes with a quality/price ratio extremely satisfying are the characteristics of the MONO range. In the colour grey the interlocking block is defined from the absence of coloured pigments, respecting in this way all the plainness of the production