Thanks to a calibrate method of working, this finish highlights the chromatic richness of the cobblestones, the granites and the quartz used in the mixture giving to the surface a compact and natural aspect, with high scraping and anti-slip performances. Suitable for paving of a certain value with high aesthetical sense, ROCCIA finish gives a very similar effect to the natural stone. The surface of this finish is an exclusive and singular characteristic of MAER blocks that enable the paving to obtain very high performances especially regarding the use, the scraping and anti-slip; qualities at the top for the concrete products, comparable only to some natural stones performances.


The peculiar manufacturing of this product, aimed to make the paving blocks HISTORy look ancient, achieved through a controlled hummer process, guarantee to those self-locking blocks rounded edges and irregular shapes. The final result is the one typical of the irregular stone naturally aged by the passing time. These products are perfectly suitable for any contests, ideal also to be combined with natural stones.


Obtained thanks to a tumbling process, the ANTICO finish allow each self-locking block to be unique, giving them an evident antique effect. This result, irregular and exclusive, can be seen on each side of the paving block. The ageing of the products so obtained remains stable and unchangeable over the time thanks to the quality of the raw materials used.


The NATURA paving blocks finish gives to these products a smooth surface, locked and uniform with brilliant colours. These items are therefore suitable for contests where a surface with no irregularity is needed. The sizes recall the classic designs with a wide range of colours that last stable and vivid over the time. The combination of thickness and size makes them suitable to any loading class. The paving blocks NATuRA have properties such as the high resistance over the time, the durability to the usury, to the scraping and to the frost.